Honda’s Electric Prototype Dominates Its First Race Weekend

Honda is a leading manufacturer of motorcycles, known for its innovative and reliable products. The company has been working on a new project that could revolutionize the motocross industry: the CR Electric Prototype, a battery-powered dirt bike that can compete with the best combustion bikes in the market.

The CR Electric Prototype’s Debut

The CR Electric Prototype made its debut at the All Japan Motocross Championship in Sugo, Miyagi Prefecture, on October 28 and 29, 2023. The electric bike stunned the audience and the competitors with its impressive performance, winning two out of three holeshots and finishing fourth overall in the IA1 class, which consists of 450cc four-stroke bikes.

The CR Electric Prototype is based on the CRF450R, one of Honda’s most popular motocross models. However, instead of a gas engine, the electric bike has a custom-made electric motor and battery pack.

The bike has a sleek and futuristic design, with a red and white color scheme and a large “e” logo on the side. The bike also features a digital display that shows the battery level, speed, and other information.

The main advantage of the electric bike is its instant torque, which allows it to accelerate faster than the gas bikes. The electric motor delivers a smooth and consistent power output, without any lag or vibration.

The bike also has a quiet operation, which reduces noise pollution and fatigue for the rider.

The CR Electric Prototype’s Challenges

However, the electric bike also has some challenges to overcome, such as its weight and battery life. The bike weighs about 20 kg more than the gas bikes, which affects its handling and agility.

The battery also needs to be replaced after each race, which limits its endurance and requires extra equipment and personnel.

Honda has not announced any plans to mass-produce or sell the CR Electric Prototype, but it has stated that it will continue to develop and test the bike in various racing events. Honda’s goal is to “create new value for customers” and “realize a carbon-free society” through its electric mobility products.

CR Electric Prototype

The CR Electric Prototype’s Potential

The CR Electric Prototype is a promising step towards achieving these goals, as it demonstrates Honda’s innovation and competitiveness in the motocross scene. The electric bike has shown that it can match or even surpass the performance of the gas bikes, while also offering environmental and social benefits.

The electric bike could also attract new customers and fans to the motocross industry, as it offers a different and exciting experience for both riders and spectators. The electric bike could also inspire other manufacturers to develop their own electric models, creating more diversity and innovation in the market.

Honda’s electric dirt bike is not just a prototype, but a vision for the future of motocross. It is a proof of concept that shows that electric mobility can be fun, fast, and feasible.


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